Starting Class Maid
First seen Unknown
Sides with Neutral
Michaela is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates. She will be Czarrin's ally regardless of their route chosen.


Michaela is a maid working for Czarrin, serving their every need in the Kingdom of SH. She is also the younger twin sister of Isa and the daughter of the Ice Tribe's chieftain, Kilma. Naturally, Michaela has some control over ice, but is not quite as proficient as Isa. However, her fighting skills are superior to her older sister's.

Michaela joins male Czarrin from the start of the story. If Czarrin is female, Michaela's "main assistant" role will be taken by her partner Trickster, but she will join either at the end of Chapter 15 BirthrightConquest, and Revelation.


Michaela has a warm, caring personality, especially towards Czarrin. She is clumsy and easily prone to mistakes and is often embarrassed for simple slip ups. She cares a great deal for her older twin, Isa, both of whom had been servicing Czarrin for a long period of time. Though an adept fighter, more so than Isa, she wishes to be as efficient and skilled as a maid as she is. Still, she has a desire to better herself and takes her job as a maid seriously.

Because of her clumsy tendencies, Michaela is a skilled fighter, even more so than Isa. Michaela sees this asset as her one redeeming feature and believes that it is her one trait that prevents her from being a total deadweight to Czarrin. Her birthday is July 16.